Darren Brierton

Web Developer & UX and Interaction Designer


I am currently unavailable for work.

I am on long term contract at Matchbox in Paris, France.



I originally trained as a philosopher and cognitive scientist, as an undergraduate at Kings College London and then as a postgraduate at The University of Edinburgh. I have lectured philosophy at The University of Leeds and The University of Edinburgh.

As a web-developer I have experience of the full-stack, both back-end and front-end, although front-end is more my forte. I have worked for small tech start-ups, large media organisations, and creative agencies, in roles ranging from purely technical to more design-related (UX, interaction design and ergonomics, not visual design).

When I was much younger I also trained seriously and to quite a high level as a jazz drummer, but my commitments to studies and work (and the practical difficulties of practising what is a deafeningly loud instrument) enforced a long hiatus in my playing. I have recently started to play again, and I am an habitué of the Paris jazz clubs, especially when the New York scene is in town.